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The Ultimate Trio

The Ultimate Trio

Get the ultimate health, weight loss, skin and immunity boost with The Ultimate Trio! 

Pack includes: 

1 x 50ml Alien Tears

1 x 50ml Black Seed Oil

1 x 50ml Zetox 

The ultimate combination for detoxification and restoring your health!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Sela Healey
Love Korganika

This is my second round of using Korganika and I am so impressed with the results.
I have passed parasites, feel more energy and I am obsessed with black seed oil. I can’t help but tell all my family and friends about the products so they can see the same health results to. Best products

Alexandria Napier-Moth

Love the products, they are absolutely amazing!
I brought the zetox, black seed oil, alien tears and feet detox patches and I have so much energy I’ve completely cut out coffee (I’d normally have up to 3 cups of coffee a day) and I’ve never slept this good since probably being a teenager! I feel so chilled and my hormonal acne on my neck and jaw have really cleared up.


Can I just say, the customer service is the best I have ever experienced.
I recently ordered the ultimate trio + the vagus nerve aid. When my products arrived (only two days later!) there was a bit of a mix up with my order.
I contacted them by email, and received an email reply immediately. They were so friendly and more than happy to correct it.
I’ve only been using the products for 5 days and I am really loving the vagus nerve aid, it helps me find my calm and ground me. With two young -very active- little boys, this has been a life saver!!
I have also been having the zetox, onyx drops and alien tears daily and so far I have noticed my bloating has reduced significantly and I have more energy throughout the day.
Amazing stuff! I can’t wait to try the black seed oil when it gets here! I really love the fact that there are no tablets to swallow (which I really struggle with!) Thank you for creating these amazing products. You have a customer for life!!

Amber Wilkins

I absolutely love all the Korganika products, I am hooked!

Sela Healey

Using the Korganica products have changed my life.
At first I experienced detox symptoms, headaches, cravings and stomach cramps. Once I pushed through I found my brain fog cleared up, I am dreaming every night and my stomach feels stronger without discomfort. I highly recommend using the products. I tell everyone about them. Thank you Korganica